Manembo Village in Northern Sulawesi
Productivity and Quality from the World’s Best Tappers Arenga

Arenga Sugar Palms grow in South East Asia and the best varieties are found in Indonesia, where the wetter regions provide highly suitable growing conditions. Our factory is located in Manamebo Village in the remote volcanic mountains of Northern Sulawesi, the traditional heartland of the Sugar Palm. The productivity from good quality Palms is remarkably high and the application of the in-grained knowledge of our tappers enables good yields of superb quality juice. They know precisely how and when to ‘awaken’ and tap the Palms to deliver the necessary quantities of syrup with pH and Brix levels perfectly suited to achieving our quality targets. This is cooked in jacketed pans on efficient rocket stoves which use biomass fuel. The damaging smoke inhalation often experienced during traditional processing is eliminated and there are lower green-

house gas emissions compared to using fossil fuels. In tandem, fast-growing wood-fuel trees are being planted.

Provenance and Traceability

We buy our juice only from our group of trusted tappers around Manembo Village and know the location of every Sugar Palm that is tapped, testing quality at every stage from juice collection to packaging. Our customers can be assured of the provenance of our product which guarantees there is no adulteration of the end-product with cheaper and lower quality sweeteners. What you get is a pure natural product (which is not always the case with other palm products). What’s more, we are able to offer low trade prices because we handle the whole production chain, from tapping to packaging.


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