Jul – Sept 20

We have been developing our website with freelance graphic designer Mirjam Meltzer, with the intention of describing to a wider audience the qualities of the Sugar Palm – and the Arenga Palm Sugar we derive from it. We also highlight our new advisors, Annawati and Florian, who we’re so pleased to have involved. We’ve also been busy investigating and initiating Organic Certification; for a small company like ours this is quite a process but it will bring great benefit in reaching new markets.

Apr – Jun 20

Lock-down provided a time of reflection as sales and production quietened down. This was an opportunity for Jeff to explore the Middle Eastern market from his current base in Dubai. It has been encouraging to see that many middle-eastern consumers place great importance on healthy organic food, and are prepared to pay well for the better products like ours. Connecting the tappers in remote areas of rural Sulawesi with these kinds of high-value markets is a central aim of Manembo Aren

Jan – Mar 20

During the earlier part of the year the focus has been consolidating our relationship with the Gorontalo forest cooperative, and on getting our sugar onto supermarket shelves in Indonesia, using our new packaging. Our Indonesian  Director, Hanni Theresia, has been using her retail contacts to form sales distribution networks. This has led to new listings with numerous outlets in Bali, where the 500 gram pouches have proved popular with customers.