Manembo Arenga Palm Sugar

Sugar made from the juice of the Arenga Sugar Palm has been consumed in Indonesia for centuries. Nowadays, it is sought-after around the World for its health attributes and unique flavour – and because it supports ecological benefits. By adapting traditional preparation methods, we offer a fine granulated sugar suitable for Indonesian markets and export. And in producing it, we protect the livelihoods of local tappers and their precious Sugar Palm forests. Described as a superfood, it’s a sustainable sugar which adds unique caramel richness to any recipe or drink, bringing you…

Our Product

Our premium granulated Arenga Palm Sugar is shipped in attractive retail packaging – in 250 or 500 gram pouches for example. Or bulk orders can be supplied in strong food-grade sacks of 5 or 10 Kg.

The juice comes from trusted tappers many of whom work within a Government-run forestry co-operative, which assures quality at every stage of production. The target moisture content is <2%, grain size is small, and there is no adulteration with lower quality sweeteners. The result is a fine and pure product, often chosen by customers as a low glycaemic alternative to highly refined sugars. 

By dealing directly with the cooperative, we can support higher than average incomes for the tappers whilst offering lower prices to our customers. Please use the contact form for sales enquiries.