Ethical Sugar

Responding to the Demand for Natural Food

The growing interest in less refined products and forest protection is driving demand for Gula Aren Palm Sugar. The trend is towards the consumption of health-enhancing food produced without fertilisers, pesticides, deforestation, worker or child exploitation and excessive climate impacts. Our respect for community, ecological protection and natural ingredients is a wholehearted response to this. The result is an ethical

product which is healthier than highly refined sugars. In addition to providing a source of many minerals, its Glycaemic Index is much lower and it is often a choice for diabetic people wanting to avoid high blood sugar levels through a better diet. As well as receiving above average prices for their sugar juice throughout the whole year, local farmers benefit from utilising over 50 other products derived from the Palms.

A natural slow burn sugar

Ecologically friendly
 Ethically produced
 Free of additives
 Rich in minerals
 Full of flavour

Nutritional Values

Our finely grained Gula Aren Palm Sugar has a long shelf life and the following contents and nutritional attributes


  • Saccharosa (sucrose) 89,01%
  • Protein 3,94%
  • Crude Fiber 0,09%
  • Vitamin C 12,76 mg/100g
  • Calcium 2,24 mg/kg
  • Magnesium 10,13 mg/kg
  • Natrium 13,94 mg/kg
  • Potassium < 0,008 mg/kg
  • Serg 0,47 mg/kg
  • Iron 6,17 mg/kg


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