Arenga Palm Sugar

Sugar made from the juice of the Arenga Sugar Palm has been consumed in Indonesia for centuries. Nowadays, it is sought-after around the world for its health attributes and unique flavour – and because it supports impressive ecological benefits.

Our Product

By adapting and improving on traditional preparation methods we supply a premium quality product, which is EU organically certified. Fresh sugar juice is gathered daily from trusted tappers. They work within a Government-run forestry co-operative, which assures quality at every stage of production.

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Superfood Versatility

We supply a finely granulated sugar to retailers … it’s a purely natural  product, often chosen by customers as a lower-glycaemic alternative to highly refined sugars. Described as a superfood, it’s a sustainable sugar which adds unique caramel richness to any recipe or drink

Forests & Livelihoods

Choosing  Arenga Palm Sugar helps protect:

Click for examples of vulnerable species in Sulawesi


Our granulated Arenga Palm Sugar is shipped in attractive retail packaging – in 250 or 500 gram pouches for example. Or bulk orders can be supplied in strong food-grade sacks of 5 or 10 Kg.

Quality and price

By working directly with a forest cooperative, we can support higher than average incomes for the tappers whilst offering lower prices to our customers.